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John Metz Has Put Together a Data Base of Garden

by:Unionrise     2020-07-15
Woodworking has been around for along time. When man first found that wood was a suitable building material that was durable, sturdy and yet soft enough to work with unlike stone, he left the damp dark caves of his ancestors and moved into a more comfortable wooden structure. Since that time woodworking techniques have been passed down from master craftsmen to apprentices. And for thousands of years serious craftsmen and novices alike have been improving there skill by learning from the masters of the past. John Metz is one of those craftsmen. Although he started at the beginning with one misbegotten deck project that went horribly wrong, he eventually learned the craft. And now he has been a Professional woodworker for more than 20 years. Today you can put his experience and knowledge to use for your own building projects, with out the long learning process and projects that just come out all wrong. After years of refinement and thousands of hours of research John has put together a huge library of never-before published woodworking plans. With access to this data base you will be ready to proceed on your woodworking projects with confidence knowing that you have the plans and know how to finish it. If you are looking to add a deck to your house there are a lot of cheap decking kits on the market today. But with John's help you can build your own not cheap deck with his well written and easy to comprehend plans. Or if you need a log cabin floor plan you will be able to find a suitable one in his massive data base of 14,000 plans. There are plans for almost every thing. Such as plans for a garden bench and plans for picnic bench and lots of garden furniture plans. And all of the plans are complete and easy to follow so you don't have to worry about getting almost to completion and finding that an important element was left out forcing you to start over from scratch. The plans have easy to comprehend diagrams with simple and precise instructions. But don't mistake this for just a book that you will look through once and put up on the shelf with all the other books you own. Indeed you would need a mighty large shelve to keep 14,000 woodworking plans. You will be able to look through all of the plans to find what you are looking for from the convenience of your own home. With out waiting for the new plans to come out next month or going to the public library every time you need some ideas or a good solid plan for what you are building. And if the log cabin floor plan you are working on is out in the boonies where the internet hasn't reached yet you can always get a DVD copy that you can take with you, so you don't have to have access to the internet in order to use the garden furniture plans or any of the other plans included in this clear, detailed, step-by-step system. There are plans for almost everything made of wood. When you are going to build something, you will be able to find a plan for it in this amazing woodworking guide.
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