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Non Slip Bathroom Flooring For Bathrooms is Mandatory

by:Unionrise     2020-07-04
A non slip floor for your bathroom is of utmost importance as it deals with safety of children and elderly in particular. The bathroom is supposedly the most accident prone area in your house. This is because of wet floors which make them slippery. Though efforts should always be taken to keep a bathroom floor clean and dry, in most probabilities it is wet. Bathroom flooring is done by laying of vitrified, granite, terrazzo, marble, and ceramic tiles which all become slippery when wet. Non-slip bathroom flooring is easily attained by applying a tile coating of using non slip mats. Using rubber mats for non slip bathroom flooring is done easily. These mats are to be placed in strategic areas such as inside and outside the tub, near the toilet area, and near the wash basin. An advantage of using mats is that these are durable and cost effective. Mats could be of different shades and you could choose a specific color matching the interiors of your bathroom. A non slip floor mat increases friction between your feet and floor surface thereby preventing slippage and fall. These mats are highly effective in preventing accidents from falling on wet surfaces. Another advantage these mats have is that these can be used inside bath tubs. Slippage in the bath tub is a common accident and use of mats could prevent these. As rubber mats are not weathered by water these could be used safely in the bathroom for several years. Using Chemical Coating for Non-slip bathroom flooring Non-slip bathroom flooring is effectively achieved by using anti slip floor treatments. These essentially are chemicals which when applied on floors increase the co-efficient of friction between surfaces preventing slipping. These chemicals are applicable of all kinds of surfaces and are colorless in appearance. After application non slip floor coating takes about five minutes to dry and lasts for several months. A second coat would help the coating to last longer. For all practical purposes dual coating of non slip floor material is desirable for bathrooms as water could be corrosive over extended periods. As non-slip bathroom flooring chemical is water resistant this could be effectively used even for coating bath tubs. In fact it is advisable that bath tubs be also coated with non slip chemicals. Non-slip chemicals, apart form being non-reactive to water, is fire resistant and odorless. Though this has the texture of enamel paint it is free from any such strong smell, which could be harmful for asthma patients. Non-slip floor chemicals are readily available and could also be ordered online. Though it is possible to apply this chemical on your own it is advisable that initially professional help be taken. There are several agencies who take up assignments in creating non-slip bathroom floorings.
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