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Planning A Customized Gift

by:Unionrise     2020-06-30
The possibilities for a customized gift are endless. Such a gift can be ordered online, crafted at a local mall, created by local artists or craftsmen, or handmade at a family's kitchen table. A personalized gift can be appropriate for any occasion, such as a formal occasion like a holiday and or a graduation, or an informal occasion like a Superbowl or Academy Award watching party. The recipient can be anyone from a valued client to a favorite teacher or beloved grandparent. Whoever the recipient, whatever the occasion, the gift becomes a valuable token of esteem that will be treasured because of the obvious time and thought that went into it. The first step in choosing or creating such a gift is to consider the likes and dislikes of the recipient. For instance, a likely starting point for a gift for a business client might be an office accessory, a gourmet fruit basket, or a hobby-related item such as personalized golf balls. However, unless the client's food preferences or hobbies are well known, it might be best to choose a universally useful item such as a pen set. However, if the gift is for a close friend or relative, the starting point for the gift can be something much more personal, such as an item of clothing or a photograph. The next step is to determine the amount of time and money available to spend on the gift. Prices for gifts ordered online or from specialty shops can range from under $10 to over $100, and can be completed within a few days. Gifts of custom art can be considerably more expensive and take much longer to complete, depending on the type of art and the artist's reputation. On the other hand, gifts made at home can be extremely inexpensive and take very little time, or can require many expensive materials and a large time commitment. Once the type of custom gift is chosen, the next step is to decide how to personalize it. For example, a set of wine glasses could be monogrammed or engraved with entire names or a family crest. A photograph could be specially framed, used in a poster or made into a set of postage stamps. If a craft project such as a hand-knit scarf has been chosen, the creator must decide on colors and pattern and how to incorporate something significant to the recipient into the design, such as initials or phrases. After all of this research, thought and preparation, a date for completion of the bought or crafted item should be determined, so the gift can be given in a timely manner. When the gift is complete, it can be further customized with little touches, such as personalized gift wrap or cards, either purchased or handcrafted. Method of delivery of this special gift can be special as well. The gift can be delivered in person, by a singing courier, by express mail in a colorful box - the possibilities are limited only by imagination. Whatever the gift or the occasion, a thoughtful gift which was obviously made for a particular person is a memorable surprise. Such a gift, carefully planned and executed, is one way to tell the recipient, 'I value you.'
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