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Re-using Plastic Grocery Bags for Craft Projects

by:Unionrise     2020-06-27
Plastic bags frequently accumulate in your home, probably because almost all stores these days are using them. If you have been throwing your plastic bags away or even recycling them, there are more ways that you may use them. These essentially free bags can be utilized for a number of interesting, fun and sometimes even profitable craft projects. Most of the time the bags are colored white, however some stores carry plastic bags in different colors. So bring out all those excess bags that you are holding on to and have some fun experimenting with these creative and interesting craft projects. Crocheting and Knitting with Plastic Grocery Bags Plastic grocery bags are manufactured from a strong, lightweight, simple to clean material, which makes it perfect for creating tote bags. Begin by cutting each bag into one-inch strips, making each strip as long as practical. You could also try cutting each bag in a spiral fashion, forming one lengthy continuous strip. Then you roll all of the plastic strips into balls. Now, with a crochet hook or large knitting needles, crochet or knit tote bags with the strips of plastic, using a yarn pattern for directions. Because you are using large needles or a hook, you'll probably require fewer stitches and rows than what is called for in the yarn pattern. Just make some adjustments while knitting or crocheting so you end up having the right shape and size. You could even sell these bags at local craft shows to make a bit of extra income. You can take some pictures of the bags to showcase in picture frames so that you can show some of your distinct crafts. Plastic Bags Used for Stuffing It is possible to use plastic grocery bags whenever you would really like a replacement for fiberfill stuffing. For instance, by stuffing a pillowcase with plastic grocery bags, you are able to make a comfortable bed pillow for your cat or dog. A couple of nice attributes of these types of pillows is the plastic helps to retain body heat, and cats usually love the crinkly sound. Fill a pillowcase with plastic bags then sew the opening shut, by using a long stitch. When you need to wash the pillow, it is possible to just open the stitching and remove all the bags, then wash and dry your pillowcase and refill with new bags. You may even take some pictures of your beloved cat enjoying its pillow and display them in some cute cat picture frames. Jump Rope Made From Plastic Bags Plastic grocery bags may also be utilized to form fun jump ropes for children. The first thing you will need to do is to cut the handles from your bag. Then, cut the bag in a spiral fashion, leaving one long string of plastic. Make three of those strips and knot them all together at one end. Then, secure the knotted end in a drawer to enable you to keep the strands taut as you braid. Braid the strips together, until you are down to around 4 inches of plastic. Cut yourself three more strips of plastic and overlap them and twist them to connect to the first strips, then keep braiding. Continue till the jump rope is long enough for your child to use, then knot the end. If you would like the ends of the rope to end up being more appealing, use a pair of scissors to cut a fringe from the loose, tasseled ends. Make certain you remember to take some great action pictures of your child using the jump rope, since these photos will be tons of fun to display in your home in simple round picture frames. So, when you find yourself having a pile of plastic grocery bags and you are not quite sure what to do with them, do not forget that they may be put to good use in craft projects instead of ending up inside the trash can. ------ Come see our selection of beautiful metal picture frames in many styles and shapes. Shop online to see our photo frames now or give us a call at 800-780-0699.
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