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The Great Collar Collection

by:Unionrise     2020-06-15
Everyone who knows me knows how much I love collecting Chihuahua clothes and Chihuahua collars. Belinda picks them up for me every time she sees new and interesting ones or when she goes on a trip for work or on vacation. John brings them home for me, a lot, too. Whenever he goes on a fishing trip or golfing trip, he will bring something home as a souvenir. I have collected dozens of Chihuahua collars over the years and spreading them out to look at them is one of my favorite things to do! This red and black collar with polk-a-dots was from the fair we went to last summer. We traveled a long time in the car to get to a huge carnival. When we got there, it rained and rained for the whole night! On our way to the fun house, we saw a little tent with lots of dog toys and clothes inside. We stopped in and right by the door was this cute collar. It has a little clown face charm hanging from it with a crystal hat and a red gem for the nose. Belinda bought it for me because she always calls me her little clown! The white velvet collar was from Belinda's sister's wedding. I got to wear this little white velvet collar with a black satin pillow attached to the top. The pillow held the rings and I had to trot down the aisle and deliver them. It was a lot of pressure and it took a lot of practice but I finally did it. I got to dress up in a little tuxedo and Belinda hid behind the alter with some bacon treats. When I knew she was there, I ran so fast down the aisle and the groom caught me and took the rings. Then, I scampered off to find Belinda and we snuck through the back door. It was a lot of fun! This blue jelly collar is one of my favorites! The Chihuahua collar is filled with blue gel that swishes back and forth with little dolphins swimming inside. I got this on our trip to the aquarium last fall. When we went there, I had to stay inside my Chihuahua carrier but I was absolutely entranced by the dolphins. They swam round and round in their huge tank, diving and jumping for fish and treats. Watching them was so much fun and when we visited the gift shop, Belinda found this blue dolphin collar. She knew I'd love it and she got it for me right away! I have some collars that Belinda bought for me from a local craft fair. There was a fundraiser for a lot of different volunteer organizations in our city and they all had a booth at the park. Belinda wanted to show her support so we took a walk down to see what they had. The fireman table had a lady selling dog collars that were made from material with flames on it. The ambulance table had some with little stethoscopes and nursing symbols. The daycare was selling glasses of punch and cookies along with some glittery dog t-shirts. The kids finger-painted them and put glitter everywhere! Everything was so much fun that we bought them all. Those are some of my favorites in my collection but it's far from all of them! I probably have over 50 Chihuahua collars altogether! They all mean something special and they are all really cute! The hardest part is deciding which one I will wear today! read more about it http://www.the-chihuahua.co.uk/
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