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The Handmade Jewellery Creator

by:Unionrise     2020-06-15
The jeweller is able to create engraved bracelet, necklaces, silver charms by using different materials such as gold or silver, and sometimes by adding gemstones or other pieces from different jewellery kits. Thanks to some old techniques learnt, the know-how gained over several years enable them to transform, revamp, or repair pieces with ease. Their work starts from a first draft of the piece of jewellery designs and analysis, keeping in mind the technical and financial requirements. The creator works in a workshop, most of the time. Most of the time, they have to split their time to be able to deal not only with the workshop, but also with the store itself where they have to welcome clients and introduce them the large range of personalised jewellery he created. All the steps of the creation of a piece of handmade jewellery require a developed sense of precision and an ongoing focus on the work. Precision, patience and a meticulous nature are needed to become a jeweller as well as the cleverness required to create the most beautiful pieces. During their entire career, they have to update their knowledge according to the latest trends and techniques. Most of the time, his preciseness is by 10th millimetre...because the smallest mistake in measurement on a small piece can make the jewellery wrong... Their artistic sensitiveness, their sense of shapes and volumes enable them to realise projects, professionals and individual ones, from a design or even from an idea. As a craft person, they have to know who to create their own creations as well as reproduce old pieces of jewellery. Their main purpose is to keep on being aware of the latest market trends. At Atelier de Famille, we are very passionate about craft. We are specialised in handmade jewellery and engraved gifts and we do love personalised jewellery and its emotional link to a personality. Engraving is without doubt what we do best at Atelier de Famille. Be it by hand or using traditional jewellers' machinery, our engravers are rigorously trained and take great care to ensure each piece is as near perfect as possible. Our creativity is key to designing new, innovative products that you won't find on the High Street. As we work with new materials, colours, forms and techniques each product has a unique element coming from a large range of jewellery kits be it a personal message, an interchangeable stone or charm, a customised wrist band. Family values and attention to detail influence everything we do from ensuring each order meets our customer's expectations to the involvement of all members of our growing team. If you would like a personalised piece of handmade jewellery, you are very welcome to visit our website and to contact us for any queries.
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