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The Value of Masons Regalia

by:Unionrise     2020-06-12
One of the most time-tested brotherhoods, the Masons or Freemasons are a group of men who believe in a set of core values for the betterment one another. They believe in peace, equality, and in the goodness of all men. The fraternal organization is currently administered by varying bodies as well as craft degrees and is the largest fraternal organization in the world. Mason regalia can help brothers distinguish another brother's craft or degree in their fraternal organization. Masons regalia are pieces of Masonic garments and accessories that help provide distinction during their ceremonial gatherings or meetings. Some of these serve as symbolic pieces of clothing which have been worn since the very first meetings of the Freemasons. Such mason regalia include gloves, aprons, badges, and jewels which help set the proper aura for ceremonial gatherings. These are usually kept in the lodges or are taken care of by the brother who is using these regalia. These pieces of Masons regalia are used by different lodges and the members of the brotherhood value their Mason regalia with high regard, and these pieces help create a unifying link of the traditions they believe in up to the present day. The Freemasons encourage their members to become better individuals and members of the society by being better husbands, fathers, and citizens. When they have Mason regalia to remind them of what their brotherhood believes in, staying true to their brotherhood's visions becomes easier. Today, Masons regalia are no longer limited to the more traditional and ceremonial piece which may be too flashy to wear on a day to day basis. There are now smaller pieces which members of the brotherhood can include in their daily wardrobe. These pieces include cuff links, neck ties, bow ties, masonic jewels, and even specialized regalia pieces which are custom-made for some lodges for more personalization. They can be considered as masonic jewelry pieces which can be subtle reminders of the brotherhood they are a member of. What makes these pieces more desirable is that they make attractive and valuable gifts. To reflect the high regard that is given to Freemasons, these pieces of regalia are made of high quality materials which can complement casual or even formal attires that members of the brotherhood attend. Also, wearing these pieces can help other members of the brotherhood recognize other individuals and extend whatever help or accommodation is needed for a brother in need. These may be small items but from a person to another who gives valued gifts, these are surely appreciated. These pieces are small but subtle and effective reminders of a Freemason's belief and when given as gifts, they become treasured pieces.
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