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Time to Recycle Food Jars the Kids Way!

by:Unionrise     2020-06-11
Through the growing years of your baby, you always keep stacking up those tiny glass jars that you are bestowed with when you shop for your kids. Once you are done with these food jars, instead of throwing them away, you can turn them into delicate little accessories your babies will love to have in their rooms. 11 wonderfully crafty ways of bringing these jars into use again are described below: These jars can be turned into small accessories you might need during a kids' party. They are wonderful ways of keeping some candies, marshmallows or other kids' favorites within kids reach while they are having an enjoyable time. These jars can be turned into small luminaries and lanterns for indoor as well as outdoor use. You can put small pretty shaped or fragrant candles in these jars and light them up when you want. You can even paint them according to your decor's requirements. It is a highly eco-friendly way of lighting up a place. Turning these mini glass jars into small terrariums is a great idea for those who love gardening. You can use them to keep shade-loving plants. Placing these jars along with other large flower pots in your house will be a great garden innovation from your side. Have you ever thought of presenting some dessert in a food jar? If not, then give it a thought now. This small glassware is great for a single serving of any kind of dessert, especially the layered ones. Such desserts are often presented in mason jar but you can innovate by using food jars for the purpose. Turning these dainty jars into small vases is a very creative and useful trick of recycling these jars. You can place any kind of flowers in them and use them on your dinner tables on festive occasions. If you have some magnets and plenty of space on your refrigerator door, you can stick these small jar containing different spices and can create your very own spice rack that looks beautiful too. You can create pretty little sippers from these jar just by making a hole in their lids. Your kids will love these glass sippers while having a party with other young fellows. If plastic jar are available, you can't have anything better than that. What can be more creative than sticking baby photos in these jars! You can use different sized jars and can place them in a series to create a unique kind of photo album. You can use these jar to keep all the arts and crafts stuff safe from getting lost while your kids are having their playtime. Painting jars with vibrant colors will attract the kids to use them for the purpose. You can use these jars to create a whole storage system of your own. You can keep whatever you want, from hair accessories to the stitching accessories, in these tiny storage options. You can undoubtedly use these glass and plastic mini jar for creating small toys out of them. A snow globe can be a worthwhile option.
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