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Types of Cross Stitch Kits

by:Unionrise     2020-06-07
Cross stitching is a great way to exercise your creativity and produce amazing designs. There are several types of cross stitch kits depending on the method of stitching. You can choose your favorite among them or try your hand at each one. These are counted kits, stamped, embellished and no-count kits. Counted Kits The counted cross stitch kit comes with a chart or pattern of the design you are going to sew, and you have to count the squares in your cloth or fabric to match those in the chart. It is quite easy to do this kind of stitching especially if you like a certain design and you want to replicate it exactly on your cloth, although it can be cumbersome if you lose count and stitch in the wrong square. This kit is perfect for beginners in cross stitching because you need to follow instructions to master the craft before you can make your own designs. Stamped Kits The second type of cross stitching kit is the stamped kit, which does not require any charts or patterns but the design is printed on the actual cloth. All you need to do is to stitch the cloth according to the colors printed on it. However simple this may sound, you may have a bit of difficulty getting the right colors if they are a shade or two similar to each other. Try stamped kits that have a simple design which will minimize the chances of error and accustom you to the color differences. Embellished Kits If you want a faster stitching project, the embellished stitching kit is just what you need. It is very similar to the stamped kit in that the design is printed on the cloth, but with embellished cross stitching, the parts you stitch act as the decorative bits of the design. You need not stitch the entire design but only focus on the labeled parts on the printed cloth. Completing an embellished design is quick, but not necessarily easy. Some designs in embellished kits may require you to cross-stitch at a certain angle which may make it harder to match up the embellished part with the rest of the design. Take your time with your embellished kit to get the most accurate results. No-count Kits Finally, the no-count cross stitching kit comes with a chart for the colors to stitch, but the outline of the figure or design is what is already printed on the cloth. It is easier compared to the counted kit because you are not strictly following the squares on the design, but on the downside, if the outline crosses the middle of a square, it becomes a little difficult to decide which color goes where. Try out these kinds of kits and learn which cross stitch method works best for you.
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