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Victorian Christmas Ornaments - The Sky's The Limit!

by:Unionrise     2020-06-04
Unleash your imagination when it comes to selecting Victorian Christmas ornaments to go with your holiday theme. In just about every aspect, from size and shape to color, texture, subject, materials and more, the sky's the limit. One of the most delightful things about holiday decorating with an 1800's theme is the era's over-the-top aesthetic; the lavish elegance of period holiday decor uses rich colors for drama, multiple layers to make a big impact, and a 'more is better' attitude toward embellishments. This carries through to all aspects of the holiday decor of the period, but nowhere is it more gorgeously expressed than in the the profusion of ornaments the decorators of the day used everywhere. Here are some tips on how to select, create, and use ornaments in your period holiday decorating. Think outside the modern decorating box Round glass balls may be the backbone of modern holiday ornments, but in a Victorian theme the possibilities are endless. Flowers, fans, angels, cherubs, large Santa figures, gift boxes, character figurines, dolls, and even fancy shoes are among the classic decorations of the era. Elaborate embellishment is one of the charms of the decorative items of the period, so look for items with lots of detail, including beading, tassels and charms, pendants, paintings of people or scenes, and anything that gives additional sparkle. Paper was a popular material for authentic period decorations. In addition to large, elaborately printed heavy paper figures, the the Victorians also used Christmas cards and other printed scenes on the tree and in arrangements. Delicate filigree shapes are classics of the era. Look for stars, bells, and miniature gift boxes made of metal or gilded paper filigree. Elegantly economical: make your own decorations Antique decorations can be pricey and hard to find, but there are lots of excellent reproductions available both as individual items and in sets. But if you're stretching your holiday decorating budget, creating Victorian Christmas ornaments for your tree can be easy, economical and fun. Here are some examples to spark your creativity: - Fold wrapping paper into fan shapes and embellish with lace, ribbon, artificial flowers, or strings of craft beads or pearls. - Shape by-the-pack paper doilies into cones and fill with brightly-wrapped candy - Use dried babies' breath and silk flowers to create mini bouquets that you can embellish with lace and ribbon and tuck among the boughs. - A glue gun and a few yards of assorted ribbons, lace, braids, and craft pearls, beads, and chain can turn a pack of inexpensive satin balls into period masterpieces. - Make oversized tassels of decorative rope combined with with craft chain, beads, pearls, and ribbon.
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